The úkonSystems Project

úkonSystems is a rewards and loyalty solution built using blockchain and smart contract technology. Our marketing system promotes the awareness and bolsters adoption of our digital currency, úkonToken. úkon means “Operation” or “Act” in Czech.

Our Mission

We believe everyone should have access to and be part of the biggest transfer of wealth happening in the crypto space.

Our Vision

Empowering people to “Act” today for their future.


How Our Program Works

Participants of our program will receive two rewards accounts. One “USD Value Account” and one “úkonToken Account”. We have acquired licencing rights to use an exclusive arbitrage trading system currently accessible only to accredited high net worth individuals. We will be leveraging the power of the Artificial Intelligence Trading Bot for the company to earn funds to expand our market reach, re-invest in research and development, and to acquire customers for our ecosystem. For customer acquisition, we have adopted a referral marketing strategy offering incentives and daily rewards.

USD Value Account

Daily Rewards

úkonToken Account

Daily Rewards


úkonSystems is a blockchain loyalty platform and ecosystem that is designed to leverage existing payment infrastructures to support value-added services in mobile payments. The loyalty program consists of utility tokens called “úkonTokens”. The rewards and incentives are for both the shoppers and the merchants. As our customer base grows, we will have a greater attraction to bring on larger merchants and as our merchant database increases, we will have the attraction to bring on additional customers. Our advertising model to reach customers is a referral based rewards system. Rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional advertising such as radio,TV or internet ads, we will be setting aside 5-10 billion tokens as our marketing budget for our daily rewards program.


Get started in 30 seconds

Two rewards accounts

Daily rewards

Transfer daily rewards to tokens any time

Instant withdrawals

Generous referral incentives

Infinity matching bonuses

Full transparency and detailed reporting

No membership fees

State-of-the-art security

Fully compliant

Available worldwide

The combination and integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain Technology, and a Rewards Token produce impressive potential as these trajectories are technologically merged.

Aritificial Intelligence

Rewards Token

Blockchain Technology


Simple steps to get started

Register and lock in your spot. It's 100% free and no hidden fees.
Open a crypto exchange account or download a bitcoin wallet
Buy bitcoin from any buy/sell service or from your colleague and load your wallet
Buy one of our packages to begin earning rewards. You can add to your account at any time
Invite others to earn referral commissions.
Track your daily progress online.

Worldwide loyalty reward token for shoppers and merchants

True value for customer incentives and rewards.

Daily rewards using blockchain technology

Customer growth through a proprietary referral system

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