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Dear úkonSystems Members,



We are all slowly adapting to a new normal and the world as we knew it has been changed forever. We will adapt to the new social norms, we will adapt to the new shift to the mobile workforce, and we will adapt to a new way of life.


We are still several months out at best for things to get back to working order. Between the stay-at-home orders and the dismal economic climate, the nature of our business is not sustainable at this time and we need to temporarily close operations.


We remain optimistic that our world will thrive once again, yet unfortunately during this time we simply cannot continue. We realize this is disheartening news.


For the purchases of úkonTokens that you have made, you will still own them. The original plan for marketing the tokens was for merchants to adopt the usage in order to build a marketplace. The first phase of this marketing plan was to rely on the mom & pop stores in various countries. These stores are much easier to sign on to new campaigns. The issue with this is that they are all closed for the time being and will likely have slow traffic once they reopen. Right when they open would be the worse time to begin any new contracts. In light of this, it could be 2021 or 2022 when we can resume/begin the marketing campaign for token usage.


The web portal will be down during the temporary closure. We have downloaded and stored all your data and token purchase records. When it is time to start the process again, your information will be restored.


We made valiant efforts between 2019 and the start of 2020 to bring you an outstanding program. We are very disappointed that we need to temporarily wind down operations for an indefinite period of time due to this unprecedented disruption affecting all industries. Please stay safe.





úkonSystems Admin